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About Gym Cartel

February 2013 saw the arrival of a new gym that combined the training concepts of olympic lifting, gymnastics, boxing, CrossFit (refer affiliate page), and old school, grass roots garage strength training. The owners, Zack and Simon, had created Brisbane's real first "all purpose" gym that welcomed beginners and advanced athletes alike.

The gym has since relocated from it's original garage to 22 Austin Street, Newstead. The new facility has been created to provide the best flow, atmosphere and function to suit it's valued community. With an ethos of cleanliness and quality training equipment, the NEW Gym Cartel is difficult to match.

The gym now hosts:

  • CrossFit.
  • Boxing for the fitness enthusiast or the tech savvy. 
  • Free weights training area and open gym*
  • Onsite remedial massage. 
  • Olympic lifting platforms, jerk blocks and competition barbells.
  • Gymnastics classes.
  • Children's classes (5 to 12yo)
  • Private coaching
  • Wodify performance tracking software.
  • Shower facilities.
  • Off street parking.

$7 for 7 day trial

for all new members

for the

month of july

  • progress. not perfection

  • a balanced life is a successful life

  • respect is earned

  • integrity is what you do when no one is watching

  • make opportunities for others

  • don't take yourself too seriously

  • enjoy the journey


With everyone training at Gym Cartel putting in such hard work everyday, it made sense that we had someone on hand that would provide assistance in making sure our bodies were kept in check and injury free.

Bryan and his team of therapists are located on site and are operating everyday but Sunday.

Newstead Remedial Massage offer:

  • Remedial massage.
  • Trigger point therapy.
  • Pregnancy massage.
  • Private health rebates available.



July 6 - Early bird registration opens for 2016 8 Week to Super Freak Challenge 

July 30 - PB Day. Lifts from 7:30am. Gymnastics from 9:30am. Endurance from 10:30am.

August 6 - Dual at Desire 2M/2F team CrossFit competition at CrossFit Desire.

August 20 - Finals for the AlphaFit Brisbane Fitness League

October 1 - Commencement of the 2016 8 Week to Super Freak Challenge

November 12 - Gym Cartel Annual Strongman Pentathlon


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