I'm concerned with how people feel about themselves and others. I want them to enjoy their lives and I will do my best to make them as happy as possible. I just happen to work in the health and fitness industry.

I created Gym Cartel as I needed a platform to enrich peoples lives in a way I would never have achieved within the mirrored walls of a conventional gym.


Since opening in February 2013, I have seen Gym Cartel evolve into a gym based community that welcomes all people ready to take their next step in health and fitness.

My role specifically is to keep our coaches and members on the road towards their goals. I want them to find their "flow" and realise that the gym is a place of enjoyment and not "necessary" pain.

After 13 years of coaching full time and chasing my own athletic goals, I have developed an acute understanding of what works and what doesn't. I have tried many things. I have failed at many things and I have always learned from my mistakes. 

And passion is the children's classes. Watching my 11 year old daughter, 7 year old son and their friends have fun growing up in our gym's created a new drive for me. I also run CrossFit classes, coach individuals toward specific goals and create programs that my clients can follow in their own time. I'm more motivated than ever.


I have created a facility that witnesses constant progress of it members but realises nobody ever achieves full mastery.

At Gym Cartel we encourage people to find balance in their lives.

We have a place of good principles where integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

The coaches and members of our community are forever looking to provide opportunities for each other.

But above all, I want everyone to enjoy their journey. 

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For as long as I can remember, being the best at whatever I do has always been my top priority, because it made me feel awesome. This led me to personal training because I wanted others to experience the joy of being their best on a daily basis.


Coaching my clients through correct full range movements allows them to develop the necessary strength to increase their longevity. Each client has an individual program/training style to suit their wants and needs. Each program is centred around strength as I believe strength should be the basis of fitness.


Periodical training programs are designed to have high volumes and light loads to create the necessary platform to build on. They move through to moderate weights with shorter rep ranges finishing with testing weeks in order to reap the results from the training cycle.

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Sport and training has always been a huge component in my life since a young age. It was the vessel for me to tap into my own inner head space, my escapism, and happy place and prove to myself what I could achieve both mentally and physically.  I believe using that determination can benefit in all avenues in your life. Stepping away from a lengthy time in the corporate life and moving into coaching, gave me the opportunity to inspire others to find their true potential. That you can dig deep beyond what you ever thought was possible. Nothing more fulfilling then seeing someone realise their potential.  Have the courage to be you and not what other’s expect you to be!


Training with a technical genius over a period of 16 years in Boxing and Muay Thai inspired me to become a Coach.  I love to be the technician, to make people understand the real art of boxing. That it’s not just hitting focus mitts or a bag. Nothing better than expanding an individual’s physical awareness and abilities. Training clients in all aspects of weights, conditioning and then sports specific areas can have such an impact on an individual that can be carried throughout many avenues of an individual’s life, even after they leave the gym.


Openness, honesty, consistency and practicing what you preach is key. Nothing better than showing and driving people to reach their full potential. How to achieve what you want to achieve is to follow your own inner voice, invest in things you are passionate about and dig deep when you need to.  Having a good foundation of training and being surrounded by exceptional coaches has given me the knowledge and confidence to be the best coach I always strive to be.  

Elissa Runs boxing classes during lunch hours Friday and Saturday mornings.

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When I left school I did a trade and by the time I hit the age of 24 the reality hit that I hated my job and my dream of becoming the next Michael Jordan was well and truly over! Long story short I decided to move to Brisbane to study and work as a personal trainer. 

12 years later I can say it was easily the best decision I ever made. Doing what I do has hugely helped me grow on a personal level and I now have the privilege of helping people discover greater health, happiness and self-worth. Another reason I love doing what I do is that it pushes me to stay hungry to learn and improve so I can better equip myself with the knowledge and tools to do my job more effectively and to help more people. 

“a winner knows how much he still has to learn, even when he is considered an expert by others; a loser wants to be considered an expert by others before he has learned enough to know how little he knows.”

I'm a student for life! 


I basically help people to move, think and feel better. 


By using a combination of physical training sessions (strength, conditioning, mobility) and "non-sweat" coaching sessions (nutrition, goal setting, lifestyle changes) I help people to focus on and improve what they need the most.

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I am the most fulfilled in life when being in service to others - I feel creating a positive change in another’s life is one of the most gratifying experiences one can have. The Gym Cartel is an unique environment that allows me to do the job I love - helping others - while forever being supportive in my growth and development. Being in an environment working alongside so many talented coaches and athletes there is always something to learn, it is always easy to stay humble.


My aim is to have people leave the gym feeling better about their lives than when they walked in. Physical training is just one component of what I do. Educating people and providing them with knowledge to improve their bodies and mind is really where the magic happens. Can I teach people to move well in and outside of the gym? If lifestyle choices continually diminish their quality of life, can I assist people pinpoint the causes and guide them to change? Developing a greater self-awareness in people, helping them reclaim their agency and take ownership over themselves is what I strive for.


By having a positive mindset and really listening to people to understand why they’ve come here, what they really want and how I can provide it. Not everyone comes to the gym for the same reason, not everyone has the same goals in life. Getting people to push safely past their preconceived limits and overcome fears and doubts is incredibly empowering.

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