Unlimited Club Membership


The package

So, you want to make the ultimate commitment to your own health and fitness. By far the most popular option for membership is take advantage of everything we have to offer - The Unlimited Package:

  • CrossFit

  • Garage Strength

  • Olympic Lifting

  • Gymnastics

  • Open Gym*

*7am to 11am & 3pm to 7pm weekdays 



Make Gym Cartel your 2nd home and get serious about your training goals.

Pay as you go: $59/pw

6 month commitment: $53/pw

12 month commitment: $49/pw

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Monday & Wednesday - 3:45pm


The classes we run at Gym Cartel - Newstead for our kids have a specific purpose. We don't train the children to be CrossFit athletes or body builders or olympic weightlifters. We want them to feel like being in a gym is fun and a place to make friends and experience progress.

A child can spend years involved in their chosen sport or sports. They will develop skills associated with that sport that are perhaps not particularly transferable to other things. What is important to acknowledge is that inevitably, for any number of reasons, people eventually stop participating in their childhood sport. What comes next?

"Supplementing" a childs activities with a well rounded program incorporating elements of gymnastics, games, weightlifting, athletics and knowledge on good healthy eating (presented in a fun, child friendly manner) will 100% give them the best foundation to start an active and fulfilled life. 

Even if at the age of 25, your child quits playing football...they don't want to play touch footy with the crew in the office...they will easily have an excellent athletic background that can be transferred to any number of other sports. Failing that, they will have a full understanding of the enjoyment they can experience within a gym. They will also possess an understanding of nutrition, anatomy and what it takes to be their healthiest - not to mention appropriate and safe gym practices. As a consequence, remain fit and healthy adults. Just what we need more of.



Our program caters for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. We currently run 2 classes a week; Monday, Wednesday at 3:45pm. If you're interested in getting your children involved, please get in contact and arrange a time to meet with us so we can discuss your child’s needs. We offer a FREE intro session.